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Your access/membership privilege to our website is subject to this Membership Agreement, notices, disclaimers and any other rules contained on this web site.

As a member, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age.

All members must maintain a correct profile at all times. This includes maintaining your email address valid.

We reserves the right to refuse or cancel the membership of any member found to be in violation of any of the terms as set out in this Membership Agreement, or if the member is found to be defrauding the system in any way.

Members agree to not hold liable us for any loss of data that might occur while the member is using the website and all services and products contained within. Loss of data includes, but is not limited to, any account balances, points, downline members, and statistics.We agrees to make every effort within its reasonable power to ensure that such loss of data never occurs, and make every effort within reason to correct any such loss of data.

We reserves the right to change this User Agreement.

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