Webbrowser can only surf 189 pages, so we suggest you use software to surf. It will restart every 5-10 minutes and can run for 7*24 hours.

You can run it on more computers to multiply your earnings. Each computer must have a unique IP address.

When a pop-up window destroys the surfbar, it will restart immediately.

We advise you to unrar the file with the lastest winrar.

Current version:

Download Address 1

Download Address 2


How to use the software

1. Decompress the software to any directory. Notice: the path cannot contain any blank space.

2. Click "Traffic189.exe" to run it, then enter the username and password.

enter username:

enter password:

3. Keep it run in 7*24 hours, it will earn credits automatic. The surf webbrowser will restart every 15 minutes.

4. Right click on the software, click "Account" to view your credits.

5. Right click on the software, click "Exit" to exit.