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How it work

We wants to provide as much aid and assistance to webmasters as possible.This system is designed to help webmasters get traffic to their sites in a simple, cost-effective way.This benefits the webmasters in a couple ways:

More traffic means potentially higher ratings on statistical sites, such as Alexa and SiteRanking
Higher statistical ratings mean potentially higher relevance on search engines
More traffic means more exposures and impressions are made of your site and it's advertisements
More traffic means better positioning at 'topsite' websites
TopSites are just more categorical-specific versions of a statistical ratings site
More traffic means more potential customers coming through your website
One mistake that many Traffic Exchanges make is telling a webmaster that they will be "flooded with targeted customers, ready to buy".That is not the primary purpose of a Traffic Exchange.

The primary purpose of a Traffic Exchange is to generate traffic to the website, period.

That being said, if your target audience is "webmasters working on promoting their websites", then you will probably reach some potential customers.But even then, do not expect high conversion rates.Webmaster surfers are all in the same boat: they want more traffic, for higher ratings, for better rankings, to get customers from the larger search engines.

In a nutshell: You visit other websites through one of our viewer systems and earn 'credits'.Each credit entitles one of your pages to be shown to someone else.For those interested in tech-speak, we offer both Auto Surf Surfing options.