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Welcome to Traffic189.com!
        Our system provide you free traffic and free disk. You can safely save files by
us. Also, you can earn money by sharing files to friends. And you can earn free
traffic or buy a traffic package from us.
Free Traffic Features
       * Ratio 2:1, Auto Surf.
       * Surfing software can run for 7*24 hours.
       * 3 levels referral program (10%-5%-3%).
       * No add sites limits, transfer credits freedom.
       * 0.01$ paidout by PM,0.5$ paidout by paypal.
       * The first top 500 member will get 100 credits bonus.
Free Disk Features
       * Totally free for users.
       * Extra fast downloads, 100 GB file storage or more.
       * 1 file downloaded = 100 credits.
       * File will be saved for ever.
       * One file size limit 500MB.
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